Love Support


“Dear Ken, We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to sit with you. It feels like we have returned to contact – we see one another again, and we love what we see!”  Sabine and Michael.


“Dear Ken, when you married us last year you mentioned “love support”, are you still doing that? If so, we would like to meet with you periodically – a few times a year – just to “check in” and make sure that our relationship is always the first priority. We both very much enjoyed and appreciated your demeanor and philosophy of life and love and think it both healthy and wise to continue growing together.”  Adrienne and David.


These and many other testimonials define what “love support” is for.


Marriage is a greenhouse for growing love! But love needs to be nurtured and supported.
What could be better than a romantic weekend in Carmel (or just an afternoon) reigniting the connection that made you sure that your beloved was the one you wanted to marry.


Experts talk a lot about improving communication and while that is important, my experience is that when you improve your sense of connection the communication improves instantly. So connection is what the focus of “love support” is about.


Please come and see me when you feel the need. Blessings, Ken